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Humac delivers a one-stop flooring solution and Expert advice.

We strive to make available to our clients a variety of flooring solutions. We have built relationships with a number of the largest suppliers in the country and negotiated the best possible prices and product support. This enables us to offer to our clients the best possible product at the right prices.
We are approved installers for Chryso ABE.

We offer expert advice to help our clients choose the perfect solution for their floors and deliver better than expected results in installing the product. We believe that we offer some of the best brands.

We have agreements in place with our suppliers to provide us with backing and training on all of our products, whenever required. We strive to give guarantees on our products and most of the products are backed by suppliers with their experience and reputation.

Our new exiting Service will include Concrete casting to ensure your premises starts with the right base to create a permanent hard-working Floor.

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Charles: 072 084 3232